Keeping Your Chihuahua Warm

If you’ve ever been around Chihuahuas before, then you’ve probably seen them shiver and shake from being cold. The fact is that they get cold much easier than other dog breeds. However, keeping your Chihuahua warm is fairly simple if you use some common sense and follow some of the tips I suggest.

If your wondering why the Chihuahua breed gets colder than other dogs, it’s because of their origin. The Chihuahua originated in the humid, warm climate of Chihuahua, Mexico. When they lived there, they didn’t have much need for a thick coat or a defensive mechanism from the cold. However, once they ended up in other places across the world, they became vulnerable to the cold. In addition, because they are so small (actually the smallest breed in the world), their bodies become cold much quicker than the larger breeds do.

Keeping your Chihuahua warm will directly relate to weather and climate you have. Obviously if it’s cold or snowing outside, they will need help staying warm. However, if it’s warm and sunny, they should be fine.

One of the easiest and most efficient ways of keeping your Chihuahua warm is to buy them a warm shirt or sweater. When it gets cold, you should always make them wear it when they go outside. It will give them an extra layer of insulation between their bodies and the cold, allowing them to stay warm. Just be sure the shirt or sweater is comfortable, warm, and fits their body properly. If it is the wrong size, it can be uncomfortable for your Chihuahua to wear.

Another important method of keeping your Chihuahua warm is to be sure they don’t stay wet when it’s cold outside. If it’s raining, or even snowing, their tiny little bodies can become drenched within minutes. This can cause their bodies to become very cold, very quickly. Take a towel and dry off your Chihuahua as soon as they come inside. If it’s snowing outside, you may even want to shovel a path in the yard, so your Chihuahua doesn’t have to walk in the cold snow.

Those are the best methods to use for the outside, but what about inside the home? Well, if you don’t know by now, Chihuahuas love to burrow in blankets. It’s in their nature to do so. So, get some warm blankets, make a nice area in their bed to sleep in, and lay some out in the living room. You may not see your Chihuahua for a while, but you will know they are warm when they are burrowed underneath the covers!

There are many owners who don’t take the time to help keep their Chihuahuas warm. They think it’s not their problem. However, as owners it’s up to us to take care of them and give them a healthy and happy life.

Joseph Long

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  • ♥♫♪Trumpet Lover♪♫♥

    Whats your opinion on dogs wearing clothes?
    It’s getting cold where I live and my chihuahua shivers so I put him in little sweaters when I take him for walks. I heard this lady saying when I passed her how it was stupid for people to dress up their dogs.

    Is it mean of me to put sweater on him? He doesn’t try to take it off when I put it on and sometimes he tries to put it on by himself when it gets chilly in the house.

    Is there anything else I can do to keep him warm on walks?

  • Metro_Station Lover

    Sweaters are fine but like really dressing them up everday in like real clothes is stupid the poor dogs dont like that!
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  • answergirl

    clothes for dogs are like clothes for people,often worn for warmth and protection.
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  • missywillis

    if he likes it, whats the problem?
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  • Mystery Meat

    No I do the same,that lady was dumb it’s called caring for your dog .Would it be stupid to put a coat on your kid it if it was snowing-of course not!!

    I only think it’s stupid when people like Paris Hiltion dress there dogs up just for fun,I don’t think dogs apprecheate that they look uncomfortable
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  • Mary Beth

    Why do you care what some random woman thinks???

    If your dog is more comfortable with a sweater, then by all means, let him wear one.
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  • Trevin

    They’re ok but my mom thinks they’re kinda silly.
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  • tentoes

    Breeds which don’t have undercoats need to keep warm some how if you’re going to take them out in the cold.

    I have a BT and he wears a sweater if it’s took cold outside.
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  • Carebear Cara!!♥

    cruel, but i didnt read ur deets.
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  • Emma D

    its ok to put on they coats or sweater but its just mean 2 put on anything else
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  • Maddy

    thats cute! and you could get him little boots, keeps their feet REALLY warm. or get more of a coat then a sweater. that is what i do with my dog. some people just have issues.
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  • nicole18

    i think its really cute but i watched show and Cesar milan said that that gives dogs anxiety
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  • fobroxsowhat43

    Awww. i have a rat terrier and i put sweaters on her. she gets cold and does the exact same thing. its not mean.

    however if its a problem you could take her on shorter walks.
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    my experience

  • Larry H

    I think it’s a great way to keep the dog warm. Don’t worry about what some people might say. He’s your dog. Be sure you get him something fashionable so he will look good to those female dogs.
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  • KoAussie

    Small dogs often don’t have enough body mass to maintain their body temperature in even the smallest of seasonal changes, so it is perfectly acceptable to take steps to make them more comfortable.

    There are some very neat little chemical hand warmers used by hunters and outdoorsmen to keep their feet and hands warm when outside in cold temps, you may try using these between a sweater and lightweight shirt on the dog. Don’t place them directly against the skin, though.
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  • Adam R

    I have a Miniature pinscher and her name is chili because she is always cold so I got her a sweater. I don’t care what other people say because I only care about my little girls health. Next time you hear it ask her to take her clothes off in the cold and walk around LOL You are doin the right thing.
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  • ncisrocks498

    No my dog is the same way and she is 21 pounds and I put a sweater of for walks and sometimes on really cold days I leave it on her…I see nothing wrong with dressing dogs up in the winter…sometimes my poodle grabs his shirt and brings it to me like he picks it out…

    Anyways I think its a good idea when it gets cold

    Here are my pups in there winter outfits

    Okay I don’t have my poodles winter outfit pics up yet
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  • tiff

    There is a difference between treating a dog like a barbi doll and providing it with the warmth it needs in a cold climate if it doesn’t have the coat to do it itself.

    If you had a Greyhound it was cold and wet outside you wouldn’t think twice about it and horses have worn rugs for years so what is the difference. I wouldn’t go for the pink and frilly stuff though, just make it serviceable or to be honest they do look stupid.
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  • Jamie S

    Do what your heart wants on the matter. If he likes it then what is the matter or the big deal with it. I think sweater is cool but clothes like fancy rich stuff is like you are trying to say everything goes to the dog an i think that is over the top.
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  • jennasotherone

    Well if you were dressing your dog so it would look cute then I would say it was weird and unnecessary. Since you have a reason I would say it’s not stupid.
    For extra warmth you could put another sweater on him or her.
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  • Lori

    i always put sweaters on mine..its cute..but it works silly or not
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  • L. J.

    I think that’s why dogs have hair but if you shaved him i guess. But it also depends on how cold it can get where you live, if you know he is cold and when it is cold he trys to get in it I would say yes he should have a sweater just not unless he is cold, on other thing is make sure he is always stylish, chihuahua’s are very proud animals. jk.
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  • pinkstar810

    I think as long as ur dog is comfortable with it and its necessary for him or her then it is fine.
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  • Milka

    If he’s cold then by all means, but people who dress their dogs just for fun thats cruel make shure it’s comfy for him!
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  • Chihuahua Addict R.I.P. Gigi!

    Chihuahuas are one breed, that needs to wear something warm like sweaters in the winter time! It’s a necessity! Chihuahuas have very little body fat, to keep them warm, so they get cold extremely easily and they can become sick very easily, if not kept warm! They do also get cold in Air Conditioned Rooms, so sometimes they need a sweater. I have sweaters for all my Chihuahuas to wear in the winter, and if need be, in an Air Conditioned Room. I see absolutely nothing wrong with that! In general, I have never been one to dress up any of my Chi’s, in different outfits! I don’t think it’s necessary! They are not accessories or little dolls to dress up!
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  • BubblesT

    I don’t think there is anything wrong in trying to keep your dog comfortable. I have a chihuahua also and she also needs to have a sweater on when it gets cold. She does the same when she gets cold and tries to put it on herself. I do think that the dresses and etc are a little over board but as long as the pet does not get stress by it let it be. I have a Jack Russell also and he gets jealous if he doesn’t have his jacket on when I put it on my other dog. Pets they train us well. Love them always they will always love you without question.
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  • fizzygurrl1980

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with putting a sweater or coat on a dog when the temperatures get cold, to prevent them from freezing, but there is a difference between dressing a dog for the weather and dressing them up because you treat them like little people. I mean, OK, I’m guilty of dressing my dog up in stupid outfits occasionally just for a giggle (I mean, who hasn’t put their dog in a Halloween costume once?) but those people who have actual little "outfits" for their dogs that they change every single day are total sickos.
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  • Isaiah J

    I think only for young dogs because they can’t mak bdy hat
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  • laugh1689

    Dogs wearing clothes, of course, you don’t let your dog go out naked I hope?

    My dog Charlie has lots of clothes, but nothing custom made, I get his stuff off the rack…Love him in his jogging outfit!
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